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What Should I Drink on Whole30?

What Should I Drink on Whole30?

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Not only is food important while on Whole30, but you also need to watch what you drink. A common question is what should I drink on Whole30? Here is a list of 10 compliant options.

Alcohol – Hard No!

We all know alcohol of any kind is out while on Whole30, right?! I know, boo hiss… Don’t be sitting in the corner drinking vanilla extract either! Cooking with alcohol is also out of the question while on Whole30.

Sparkling Water

There are sooo many awesome sparkling (aka sparkly water in our house) available so if you miss the fizz, like I did from soda, try them out. Just make sure there are not any added chemicals or sweeteners of any kind in the water. La Criox is a popular one and we love flavored Perrier, too. To save money we invested in a Soda Stream and add fresh fruit and herbs to make our own sparkly water at home.

Coffee  РIced or Hot

What you drink today at a coffee shop may not be compliant. I thought it was great when Starbucks added coconut and almond milk. Well boo on them because those milks have sugar and are not compliant. I like to order an iced or hot Americano (which is only espresso and water) and then I bring compliant milk or creamer with me. Or you can order a brewed coffee that does not have any sweetener in it. I am a cold brew addict and recently started making it at home to save money using this brewer.

Tea – Iced or Hot

Lots of teas are compliant so hurrah for that! Just make sure to ask for them unsweetened!! I have found that some teas have soy lecithin in them so make sure to watch out for that since soy is out on Whole30. I love Tazo Passion Tea served over ice with a splash of Nutpods Vanilla Lemon Creamer. This is now know as the “Whole30 Pink Drink” and soooo tasty.

Non-dairy Milks

These days there are many options for non-dairy milks! My favorite brands are Califia Farms and MALK Organics, but as long as all of the ingredients are compliant go for it. Sugar and carrageenan are two ingredients to look out for in milk. If you are feeling ambitious, you can even make your own nut milk and strain with these bags that you can also use to strain your ghee.


To zhush up your coffee or tea, you can use compliant non-dairy milk or there are a few creamer options available. Nutpods is a creamer that comes in different flavors and they even have compliant seasonal flavors. I am looking at you Pumpkin Spice!! I also love the Califa Farms creamer, but make sure to get the unsweetened flavor. Unfortunately their flavored versions are not currently complaint because they are sweetened. Monk fruit extract is considered a sweetener and off limits on Whole30. This is often a sneaky sugar in non-dairy milks, too.


This fermented tea with probiotic benefits can be compliant, but read the label and make sure there is not any form of sugar added after fermentation. I am now a convert to this delic drink. The key is to drink in small amounts until your gut is used to it, start with about 2 oz a day and see how your gut feels with that. The GT’s Living Foods Brand is the only one I have found that is Whole30 compliant so far in all of my searches. Lucky for us, they have a ton of tasty flavors. More and more stores are offering this option, including Super Target and Kroger.

Coconut Water

Many coconut waters are compliant, but make sure there is not any added sweeter. Also, do not replace the normal water you should be drinking with coconut water. This is a good drink to help replenish electrolytes after a workout.

Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Even if the juice is just fruit or veggies and not sweetened, it is best to eat your fruit and veggies and not drink them. If you choose this option, make sure it is more vegetable than fruit to avoid a sugar bomb and potentially waking up your sugar dragon.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is like liquid gold for your body! It is packed with nutrients that can strengthen your immune system, help repair your gut, and strengthen your bones. You can make your own bone broth or purchase as long as it is Whole30 compliant (be on the lookout for sugar and soy).

Water – All Day ErryDay

Your number one drink all day erryday should be water. Truth bomb – prior to Whole30 I hated, despised water. I had been drinking soda since I was 10 and I was not raised on water!! If I had one glass a day, I was lucky. During W30, my tastes changed and I craved water! I found some fun ways to amp it up though. I love to add mint leaves, lemon wedges, strawberries, and other fruit to my big jug of water. We call it “juice” in our house. In fact, the twinadoes get mad when it is gone or we don’t have any mint for their water.


Drink lots of water and if you go for something different always read your labels!!

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