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How to Peel Kiwi Fruit

How to Peel Kiwi Fruit

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Are there any tasks in the kitchen that you dread performing? Or any tasks that are more time consuming or complicated than they should be? Peeling kiwi used to be one of those tasks for me.

I hated peeling kiwi so much that I would only purchase overpriced already peeled and cut kiwi fruit.

One day a twin mom friend of mine said to use a spoon. It sounded so odd and I could not figure out from her text what she was telling me to do. Turns out it is actually a piece of cake to peel kiwi!

Wash your kiwi and then cut a small part off of each end of the kiwi. Then take a smaller spoon, like a soup spoon, and insert between the skin of the fruit and the flesh of the kiwi. Move the spoon all of the way around the fruit trying to stay close to the skin to avoid wasting any of the fruit. The kiwi fruit will pop out of the skin and you can then slice as you wish.

If that sounds too complicated, here is a short video to show you how to peel a kiwi. Try this method and believe me, you will be delighted at how easy it is to peel them now!

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