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Five Must Have Whole30 Condiments

Five Must Have Whole30 Condiments

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When we started our first Whole30 round, we were surprised at all of the junk and sugars that are in condiments! We quickly realized there are some must have Whole30 condiments and it was not always easy to find them. We searched for recipes to make them ourselves and these are the top five that are now staples in our house. Whole30 or not, they are always in our fridge.

1. Sriracha

Prior to Whole30, we ate Sriracha on everything! I was so sad to see that my favorite rooster sauce (I even own a Sriracha t-shirt to show my love) had sugar as the second ingredient. I never would have thought that sugar would be in hot sauce. No joke, I was devastated until I found this recipe for Whole30 Sriracha from Nom Nom Paleo. We made it and could not believe that it was even BETTER than our beloved Sriracha!! Seriously, go make this now.

2. Ghee/Clarified Butter

Butter is out on Whole30, but clarified butter and ghee are great substitutes. Both clarified butter and ghee are made from butter, but they are cooked down until the milk solids can be removed. Even those with a dairy allergy, tend to be able to use these two condiments. They can be expensive to purchase and the good news is they are super easy to make at home. Michelle, from Nom Nom Paleo, to the rescue again with another great recipe – DIY Ghee. You can use cheesecloth to strain out the milk solids or you can purchase reusable milk nut bags. They can be used as a cooking fat (saute veggies in it) or as a plated fat (top a baked potato).

3. Mayo

Perhaps you have been craving chicken salad or really want some mayo to top your bunless burger, but guess what?! You need to check that jar of mayo because it most likely has sugar or some other non-compliant ingredient in it. You can make your own in minutes and it is really tasty! I like the recipe from Melissa at Well Fed – Homemade Paleo Olive Oil Mayo. Add the ingredients to a wide mouth jar, blend for about 30 seconds with an immersion blender, and you have mayo! One really important thing to know when making this recipe is to make sure to use light extra virgin olive oil otherwise it will taste to oily.

4. Ranch Dressing

Salad dressings are another difficult Whole30 compliant condiment to find. What is your favorite salad dressing? I bet most of you said ranch. My daughter loves Ranch, or Granch as she calls it, so much she would (does) drink it if you aren’t watching. Talk to most anyone who has done a Whole30 round and I am certain they will mention Dump Ranch. This is another condiment that requires light oil and blends well with an immersion blender. You can use any fresh herbs and tweak the flavors to your liking. Make sure to add the herbs to the bottom of the jar and blend last or you will end up with a pretty green dressing. It will still taste great, but kiddos may not be game to eat it.

5. Pico de Gallo or Salsa

We have a container of either of these (or both) in our fridge at all times. Adds great flavor and heat to many different kinds of dishes. Pico and salsa do not just have to be for tacos or happy hour! I add to breakfast dishes, use as a dressing for salads, or serve with grilled meats. Most stores around me have fresh pico, but I love being able to control how spicy it is and what else is added to it. No two batches ever end up the same, but that is part of the fun in making it. Check out this fast recipe for Pico de Gallo. I love her tip to strain it prior to serving to avoid getting the juices from the vegetables over your food.

If you make one or all, I am sure they will become staples in your house, too! What are your favorite or must have Whole30 condiments?

Make at home Whole30 condiments


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