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6 Steps to Prepare for a Whole30 Round

6 Steps to Prepare for a Whole30 Round

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It is getting to be that time of year when you may be thinking about your New Year’s resolution. Searching on the interweb, it appears health and fitness are at the top of most people’s resolution lists. Eat healthier, feel better, and get more fit were my top three for a long time. In your search for answers to resolutions such as these, you may have come across the Whole30 program.

Whole30 is a thirty day health reset. People eat whole foods and eliminate certain foods/food groups to give their bodies a clean slate. During the 30 days, participants learn to listen to their bodies and start to change their mindset and behaviors when it comes to food. At the end of thirty days, they take their time figuring out what foods will stay in their diets. My husband and I have completed numerous Whole30 rounds and here is a little detail about our first round: Our First Whole30 Round.

In preparing for a round, there are officially 5 steps and one bonus step I added.

The 6 steps to prepare for a Whole30 round are:

  1. Choose a start date – choose a date that works for you to be on the program for 30 days plus 12 more days for the reintroduction phase
  2. Build your support team – tell those around you, look for online support groups, and log onto the Whole30 website for handy checklists and cheat sheets
  3. Get your house ready – clean out every room or crevice of your house that has non-compliant foods or supplements
  4. Plan for success – identify any situations that may pose a challenge and plan your first week’s worth of meals
  5. Toss the scale – weigh yourself on Day 0 and then ditch the scale
  6. Make a list of non-scale victories (NSV’s) – check out pages 43-44 in the Whole30 Guide for a list of non-scale victories and identify which ones you would like to achieve on your round

For more information on each of these steps, check out this video. Are there any tips you would add or advice you would offer?


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